Teso Hdr 0806


1. Programming of Dies and Patterns

Workpieces that may be withdrawn (3D)

  • Forging dies, casting molds, blowing moulds, electrodes for electrical erosion (cavity sinking by EDM)
  • Programming of the Geometry, defined by drawing or just a rough outline.
  • Transfer of digitized data produced by measure machine.
  • Data transfer from your CAD/CAM system (DXF, EDX, VDA, IGES and other formats)
  • Rounding with constant or variable radius.
  • Calculate the conical surfaces to withdraw the workpiece

Workpieces that may not be withdrawn (5D)

  • Compressor impeller (impeller, turbo-supercharger)
  • Special parts for the aeronautical industry

NC Programming, NC Machining

  • Calculate NC programs for any NC control and any NC machines.
  • Convert NC Programs between different NC-Control formats.
  • The resulting workpieces will be machined in your company or in a partner company in plastic moulding material, wood, graphite, aluminum, copper, steel or other materials.

2. Special Programming


  • Individual postprocessors for machining in 2 to 5 axes
  • Postprocessors for wire EDM in 2 to 4½ axes
  • Subroutines and family parts written in and for the CAD/CAM-System EUKLID


  • Transfer programs for different data formats
  • Programming of utilities and tasks following your propositions and ideas
  • User interface for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista



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