Teso Hdr 0806

  NCLIMIT - NC Milling Path Delimiter

NCLIMIT may be used as milling path delimiter for any 3 axis ISO code NC machining program or as software final switch for your milling machine. It allows you to delimit the milling paths of already existing NC programs by a free definable 3D space. For example: If you want to (re)machine only a section of an already machined working piece, you set the limiting 3D space just around the section you want to mill – and you must not recalculate the NC program.

The 3D space may be limited by simple X, Y or Z coordinates for the minimum or maximum point or any 3D plane (defined by a point and its normal vector).

Furthermore NCLIMIT presents the NC milling paths from any point of view and from any distance. Interactively you may rotate the representation, zoom it and so on.

NCLIMIT Screen shots:


User Interface

Limiting planes





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