Teso Hdr 0806

WpcView02 WpcView - 3D Viewer for Milling programs

WpcView allows you to represent machining programs written in  ISO, NC or APT code. The three-dimensional data will be plotted on your screen from any viewpoint and in any zoom scale you like.

You are welcome to download this freeware program here. Having done so, start the downloaded setup file and continue following the dialog.

Here you will find additional examples of WpcView plots from NC simulation as well as from several NC programs with different origin.

By simply clicking a milling path on the screen, WpcView will answer exactly which NC command line will execute this milling path in the NC program.

On the other hand you may click on an NC command line in the listed NC program and WpcView will show you the corresponding milling path in the 3D plot on your screen.

But WpcView can do still more: A workpiece calculated with TechniSoft NC simulation will be represented in shaded mode, and for detail control you may hide or show the milling paths or the workpiece as you like.


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