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 WCut - Wire EDM with EUKLID

Economic wire EDM for EUKLID users. WCut lets you generate 2 to 4½ axis wire EDM programs with simple EUKLID commands.

For the 2D machining you will create in EUKLID a profile (CSEG) and the wire will follow this guideline in vertical position or with a constant draft angle.

For the 4D machining you will create a second profile for the other plane in another height. The wire will be guided by both profiles simultaneously.

WCut produces a wire EDM program in APT code. You will translate this program, using the corresponding postprocessor (add on), into the format of your NC control.

EUKLID Programming Example:

(% source "wcut.eup" %)

.. Reading the Wcut subroutine



'NEW C1, C2, C3, LL, P1, P2, P3;




Z  := 10;

.. Height of the upper profile

P1 := {.(,,Z), .()};

.. Start point

P3 := {.(13,,Z), .(13)};

.. Final point

L  := {.(,3), .C(.(1),3), "R",-0.5, "D",0, .(13,2) };

C1 := CSEG (L) ('TZ Z);

.. Upper profile

L  := {.(,3), .C(.(1,7),-4), "R",+0.5, "D",0, .(13,4) };

C2 := CSEG (L);   

.. Lower profile



'PLOT .(1,1,1), P1, P3, C1, C2;




WCut ("OPEN", "bsp-4d.apt");

.. Opens APT file

WCut ("PARTNO", "Beispiel 4D");

.. Name of the program

WCut ("PROGID", 5);

.. Number of the program

WCut ("MULTAX", "ON");

.. 4D mode ON

WCut ("LINTOL", 0.001);   

.. Linear tolerance

WCut ("FROM", 'U P1);

.. Defines the start point

WCut ("PPFUN", "INTENS", 1);

.. Generator 1



WCut ('U P1);

.. Approach start point

WCut ("CUTCOM", "ON", 1);    

.. Wire offset ON

WCut (C1, C2,, 3);

.. Machines along the 2 profiles

WCut ("CUTCOM", "OFF");

.. Wire offset OFF

WCut ('U P3);

.. Approach final point



WCut ("CLOSE");

.. Stop and end program





Result (EUKLID plot):



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