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 TesoPost - The Generalized Postprocessor

The generalized postprocessor TesoPost allows you to translate the milling or wire EDM programs of (nearly) all CAD/CAM systems into the format of (nearly) all NC controls.

The TesoPost standard version calculates up to 3½ axis. For simultaneous 5 axis machining the correct selection will be extended TesoPost.

By its built-in flexibility you may control TesoPost in many ways. This guarantees that you achieve with optimal efficiency the best solution for all imaginable requirements, may it be new machining commands or new NC formats.

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CfgManager – the postprocessor’s configuration tool – helps you to create configuration files in a simple and intuitive way, or to change them very easily according your individual requirements.

User comfort plays an important role in TesoPost: In the automatic mode, user operation of the postprocessor becomes unnecessary With automatic mode activated, TesoPost will detect automatically all new input files created by your CAD/CAM system and convert them directly into the correct NC control format.

If you like, TesoPost will show you on your screen the resulting machining program with the help of  “WpcView (a freeware program). Interactively you may rotate the active view, move or zoom in and out and so on. This allows you a complete visual check of your machining programs on the screen, before you really start it on your milling machine.

The current version of TesoPost already contains configuration files for the following NC controls: Dialog4, Dialog11, Fanuc, Fidia, Ferrari, Heidenhain, Heller, Hurco, Maho, Mazak, Num and Sinumerik. Other NC control formats may be adapted very easily.

In the future when you change your CAD/CAM system or buy an additional one, there is no need to buy a new postprocessor, too. TesoPost knows the data format of the following systems: Anvil-5000, Catia (V4+V5), Cimatron, Delcam, Euclid, Euklid, Hypermill, Inventor CAM, Mastercam, Max-5, NX (Unigraphics), Pro/Engineer, Strim 100, Surfcam, Syrko, Tebis, VisualMill, VX (Varimetrix), WorkNC and other systems on APT basis. In other words: Your investment in TesoPost will pay off.

More details about this outstanding postprocessor are available in the TesoPost Short Description (PDF file, to read you need Acrobat Reader):

Deutsch: TesoPost-Kurzbeschrieb.pdf

English: TesoPost-Shortdescription.pdf



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