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 NCSIMU - NC Simulation

With the help of the NC simulation program you control visually the 3D machining programs – before you really start machining on the milling machine. NCSIMU calculates the future machining of the workpiece and presents the results on the screen.

Please download the limited 30 days demo version and install it executing the downloaded Setup file.

Here you will find the English short description of the NC simulation (PDF file, to read you need Acrobat-Reader).

German short description (PDF file)

Input file (section)

NCSIMU result on your screen

Before your workpiece will be realized on the milling machine you control visually, and see exactly how it will look after machining. Checking it on the screen, you approach to the workpiece, you walk around, zoom in on it, rotate and simply print with a click the actual view.

You may send the simulated workpiece by e-mail or by floppy disk to your client. The client may check the workpiece from different points of view on his own screen. If your client desires, you make the changes before you really machine.

To start calculation of the simulation, you indicate the NC program file and define the blank and workpiece dimensions. The NC simulation program will calculate the resulting workpiece in form of a graphic file, that you may check in 3D on your screen, with the help of the internal viewer or with the gratis graphic file viewer “WpcView”.

If during the calculation the simulation program finds a load tool command M06 or LOADTL in the milling program – but the tool to be loaded is not defined – you may choose a tool out of the integrated tool library or define the desired tool yourself.

The resulting workpiece may be used as input for the following simulation. For example, the roughed workpiece may be input for the rough finishing step and its results finally may serve as input to the finishing step.

NCSIMU Screen shots:

User Interface

Workpiece definition

Workpiece dimension

Tool table



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